Serenity in an Age of Anxiety
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              When Stephanie* heard loud music and children yelling, she asked her husband if the neighbors were having a party at their pool. “It is a block party,” Alan replied without looking up from him iPad, “ but Jason […]

Don’t believe everything you think; Part 3 of 3. Blog #27 “Watch where you are going, as$!%&#,” Randi yelled out the window when a car cut in front of her, narrowly missing her bumper. “People are so rude,” she fumed. […]

Don’t believe everything you think-Part 2 of 3 Luke was tired of his wife, Leah* pressuring him about changing his job.  He would look for another eventually, but now was not the time. Leah insisted Luke had broken a commitment […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Think   (Part 1 of 3) In 1944, as World War II raged and millions of people did not have enough to eat, researchers at the University of Minnesota began a study on the impact of starvation.  […]

Part 2 The number of people with anxiety has exploded over the last decade or so. What was a once a challenge for some has elevated to a disability for many. Through my practice, I noticed better diet, more sleep, […]