We’re trimming the fat at Affinity4. You may have noticed we removed some products from the Affinity4 inventory. In order to provide you with great services we decided to focus on the products that you care about most. Look in the future for some really great new products and enhanced versions of the ones we’ve recently removed.

Coming soon will be a fantastic wireless service with text messaging, voicemail, call forwarding and it’s all packaged in the most popular phones today.  We know that customer service was a huge issue with our last wireless service so that was our number one focus with this new service launching soon.

Also, we will be offering the latest trend in digital phone technology. It’s called Digital Phone Service. Basically your internet connection becomes your phone service connection too. This will also offer long distance, voicemail and crystal clear audio. We’re really excited to be offering that in the next few months.

We really appreciate your commitment to your charity and ministry and look forward to providing you with great ways to continue to enhance your contribution by using a service you already use everyday.

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