susan diamond

Susan Diamond

I am not your typical holy roller. I am a woman who knows that I can pray any where, any time and in any way. Yet, when I pray with words that are expressive and beautiful, I find my sacred conversations are more meaningful and I am closer to my higher power. In my business life I am a sales and marketing professional. Prior to starting Prayables, I was able to bring my skill set to the non-profit world where I worked for both Jewish and Christian advocacy groups. I discovered the language of prayer may be slightly different, but we are mostly praying for the same things. I experimented with new ways to pray in a multi-faith setting and found it was easy to do and tremendously rewarding. Besides doing work that I love, I am blessed with a close and loving family: My husband David, our children Craig & Shani, Howie, Rachel, and Michael provide me with the balance I need to be happy and productive. My grandchildren, are a never-ending source of pure joy. My parents are my biggest fans and it is because of my big beautiful family that I am able to enjoy life and surround myself with positivity.
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