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New York, NY – November 7, 2008 – Religious Obama voters and religious McCain voters worship and pray at similar rates, but interpret the Bible in dramatically different way and have starkly different views of the issues—including on how best to reduce abortion--according to a new user survey conducted this week on Beliefnet.com, the leading multi-faith Web site.

The user survey provides a unique glimpse into the voting patterns and preferences of the most religious Obama and McCain constituencies―those who attend church weekly or more―along with evangelical voters. Exit polls indicated that 55% of those who attend worship services weekly or more voted for McCain, while 43% voted for Obama, an improvement over past Democratic performances.

Among those who attend church weekly, 81% of Obama supporters pray daily compared to 93% of McCain's supporters. But when asked how they interpret the Bible, only 17% of Obama's most religious voters said they view "The Bible is the literal word of God,” compared to 58% of McCain's religious voters.

The survey, which can be viewed in its entirety at http://www.Beliefnet.com/ExitPoll, also provides new detail comparing evangelical supporters of both McCain and Obama.

Other key findings include:

• 57% of Obama voters said John McCain ran "a more unchristian campaign than Obama"―30 percent of McCain folks said so of Obama

• While McCain voters listed Jeremiah Wright as Obama's top character issue, Obama voters considered the tone of McCain's campaign to be that candidate’s most significant character issue

Half of McCain voters believe Obama is or was a Muslim, with 32% saying "He used to be Muslim and still has too many connections to Islam"

• Among the most religious voters, Obama supporters believe that education is the best way to reduce abortion, while McCain supporters prefer bans and restrictions on abortion

• Although politically more liberal, Obama's evangelicals pray and go to church about as much as McCain's evangelical supporters

• Supporters of each candidate doubt the religious sincerity of their opponents

• Obama's most religious voters care considerably less about "values" issues than McCain voters do

• Obama evangelicals were twice as likely to list "reducing poverty" as a high priority

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