Although the film has been well received at film festivals and has been briefly exhibited in several countries, the insistence of the filmmakers to maintain the storyline has prevented it from gaining wide release.

Indeed, Sako's film remains close to the original epic, while gaining a contemporary appeal. Fast moving, humorous, andcolorful, the film makes Ram a 'cool' figure and apart of pop culture--withoutlosing the direction set by the moral compass of the Ramayana. Hindu parents will be able to show it with prideto their second-generation children.As Shah observes, "Anyone can tell a story, because Ramayana is a plot-oriented tale, but the key to Sako is that he finds humanity in his characters. Indeed, this is not a cardboard Ramayana, and the characters from Ram to Hanuman to Kumbkharna are three-dimensional ones. Sometimes, you forgetthese are merely animatedfigures, for the film almost has a lush, David Lean kind of ambiance."What Sako particularly likes about the Ramayana and feels is a message fortoday's generation is the lovingco-existence between the humans and the animal world that it depicts.Although Sako is not a Hindu, he is attracted to many of Hinduism's beliefs. Heexplains, "I trained to be apriest and am a Zen Buddhist formally. But after all these years, Hinduism isvery familiar to me. However, tobe Hindu, you have to be born in a Hindu family, so I don't know whether Hinduswould accept me as Hindu ornot. So I am Buddhist, but in my mind I feel I am Hindu.
" Next on the agenda for Sako is the story of Lord Krishna, the CelestialCowherd. In this animated film,the magic will be recreated by bringing the Blue-Skinned God's story to lifethrough Rajasthani miniaturepaintings. Sako is in the process of raising funds and is looking for partners,for the financial aspect isalways daunting when he takes on a labor of love.

What gets him through tough times? Sako believes his exposure to India hastaught him to see the largerpicture rather than worry about short-term goals. "If I pass away, then this workcan be done by others," hesays and adds with a laugh, "and if I die, I can be reborn and continue thework."