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Moments on 'Lost'
  • Lost Desmond Hume phone Penny

    15 Spiritual Moments on 'Lost'

    From Locke seeing the smoke monster for the first time to Juliet detonating Jughead, relive the miraculous moments from past seasons.

  • Lost John Locke sees smoke monster

    Quiz: Which 'Lost' Character Are You?

    Are you a Man of Science or a Man of Faith? Take our quiz to see which character connects with your spirituality.

  • Lost season 5 cast poster

    Discuss: The Final Season of 'Lost'

    As the final season begins on February 2, 2010, talk about what answers you hope to get and which characters you hope will survive the journey.

  • Assorted kipas yarmulkes

    Where Are the Jews in 'Lost'?

    There is plenty of religious imagery on "Lost," which makes the absence of Jewish characters noticeable.

  • Buddha Rohatsu

    Would Buddha Watch 'Lost'?

    From opening eyes to Dharma logos to the number 108, are the writers of the popular show trying to evoke the Buddhist world?

More 'Lost' Quizzes: Test Your Knowledge of Past Seasons

  • End of Season Three: More "Lost" Faith
    Even more spiritual and religious themes appeared in the latest season. Take the quiz to see how close you paid attention.

  • End of Season Two: "Lost" in Faith
    What spiritual themes did you notice during season two? Take the quiz to see how well you spotted the religious references.
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    Poll: What's Your Theory?
    I think "Lost" is:
    A government conspiracy
    A parallel universe
    All happening in Hurley's head
    Jack's dream
    You're all wrong! (Discuss below.)
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      'Lost' in Faith
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