Why Eating Right and Exercising Glorifies God

While donating money, time and one’s belongings to the Church is important, giving your body to the Lord, through adherence to a proper diet and exercise regime, is one of the most important gifts that you can give to God.

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Making the change

The way in which you choose to look after your body is a matter of personal choice. Failing to maintain a healthy body is certainly not going to determine whether you go to heaven or hell, as going to heaven is a grace that is received by accepting Jesus as your saviour, but it does play an integral part in ensuring that you are physically able to fulfil God’s mission with your life, as well as being able to instil important values within the minds of your family.

Maintaining a lean body may not be possible for every Christian, owing to poor genetics, a slow metabolism, or the negative side effects of certain, necessary medications. To think that this is the point is to miss the principle.

Whether you are overweight, owing to a medical condition, or you are lean, understanding the positive relationship that you should have with food, mentally, is the key principle of this Christian teaching.

By accepting that your body belongs to God, avoiding the sin of gluttony, and making the definitive decision to give your body to the Lord, whether you then proceed to be overweight, or lean, the maintenance of a heart that does not seek pleasure in food is one of the most important commitments that a Christian can make.

This article was written by Matthew Denos of www.weightlosstriumph.com, a diet blog that offers coupons for Weight Watchers promotions. Matthew is a Christian who believes the Bible addresses many topics that are relevant to our everyday life. He is committed to maintaining a healthy diet, and taking regularly exercise, not only because his body belongs to God, but also because he enjoys living in a healthy body. In an age where obesity kills over 100,000 people each year in the U.S, and debilitates many more, Matthew hopes that more and more Christians will be commit to improving their health and wellbeing, in the name of the Lord.

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