What You Must Know about Food Dyes

"The FDA regulates about 2,500 food additives that you could be ingesting."

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6. Many food dyes in use in the USA are called “azo dyes.” Marketing types like to say they are coal-tar derivatives, which is a nice way of saying that we get them from industrial waste. I hope you do not need an authority to tell you it is not healthful to eat industrial waste.

7. Adverse effects linked to artificial dyes and reported to the FDA include everything from hives, itchy skin, hyperactivity, respiratory problems, and cancer.

8. In 1908, US law allowed for the use of 80 dyes in foods; in 2012, there are nine synthetic dyes allowed (two of them are only allowed for use in whole foods, like oranges). However, Americans today consume five times as much food dye per capita than Americans in 1955.

9. Organic whole foods should not contain dyes but processed foods made from organic ingredients might.

10. If you ingest very large amounts of blue food colorings, it can change the color of your stool to bright green.

 Jo Ann LeQuang is a medical writer who blogs about natural health topics at WellnessDailyNews.com.

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Jo Ann LeQuang
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