Can Astrology Actually Help You Lose Weight?

How understanding the patterns in your horoscope may solve your diet dilemma once and for all.

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I know. I am Libra.

Lest the other 11 signs feel left out, weight problems come in at least 12 flavors, with many combinations and configurations. Each sun sign of the zodiac speaks to a particular truth; a part of the 'whole' that it needs to express. But the weight picture in your horoscope is based on more than just your sun sign. The other planets, particularly the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune all have something to say about weight, excess, appetite, and size.

To begin with, we all have Libra (the sign of the scales) somewhere in our horoscope. For example, if, based on your time of birth, you have Libra rising (Carnie Wilson: Taurus with Libra Rising) or key planets in Libra (Anna Nicole Smith: Sagittarius w Moon and Venus in Libra) you may be prone to the 'Libra thing' re: weight. But for different reasons, all 12 signs can experience an emptiness, which can manifest as an inability to keep focused on fitness.

Taurus has an insatiable appetite for the good life (Orson Welles, Luther Vandross) and cannot tolerate deprivation. However once they make up their minds, their staying power is supreme. Gemini likes two of everything (Winona Ryder), while the sign of Cancer is prone to weight, based on wounding, heightened feeling and psychic sensitivity (Richard Simmons). Cancers tend to hold on to emotional experiences and retain water. Leo loves to party and in the midst of all the festivities, they easily lose track of what they've ingested (Monica Lewinsky). Virgo's hard working intestines may be so super sensitive to additives and allergens in food and in their environment that allergy-related water retention can result (Nell Carter, Barry White, Ricki Lake). Pluto-ruled Scorpio's obsessions (Roseanne) run so deep, it would take Lieutenant Columbo to get to the bottom of their weight problems, but they center around "control" and wanting to hide.


Sagittarius is the sign of big dreams, expansion, and living large, and people with planets in Sagittarius (Aquarian Oprah Winfrey has her moon there) literally hunger for adventure and knowledge. When that need is not met, a fine thin-crusted pizza will do, thank you very much. Oprah is also a good example of the phenomenon of "holding energy" for many, which when not fully processed, translates into weight. As television's reigning Queen of Compassion and Messenger to the Masses, she "holds energy for millions of people." Look how long she has worked on her issue with weight and in the process has helped so many others. Ambitious Capricorn, connoisseur of gourmet products and classic cuisine is so career-driven that while climbing up the mountain, they actually become one with it (Elvis). Aquarians in general want freedom, and when they feel confined, rebellious over-eating is possible. And soulful Pisces ruled by Neptune, or those with a prominent Neptune are very psychic, prone to addiction, and frequently have boundary issues. (Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, Camryn Manheim, Queen Latifah). They feel the joys and the sorrows of the world. Weight is used as protection.

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Shelley L. Ackerman
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