Fitness Guru and Creator of P90X gets The Big Picture

In his book The Big Picture, Tony Horton provides motivation for readers to create a better life and a healthier body.

Tony Horton

Tony Horton is the creator of the best-selling workout program P90X. His routine doesn’t just shape your body but he also transforms lives. In his new book The Big Picture, Horton gives readers eleven rules that will change their lives. Horton is able to show how your physical health is linked to your mental, financial and family health. Beliefnet sat down with Horton and asked him the questions that everyone wants to know.

What inspires you to keep researching and developing new routines?

Just like with technology, the science of exercise, fitness, and health are constantly evolving. People rush out to buy the latest smartphone, but for some reason they’re training like it's 1956. That doesn’t make any sense to me! I like to stay ahead of the fitness curve with the most modern techniques available, so that I can continue to improve and help other people improve too.


In your book you discuss the “why and why not?” list. Can you describe this method to our readers and why do you believe this tool helps people with their health journey?

Sure. Sometimes in life we need to change our patterns and habits.  We come to realize that we need to get serious about exercise, eating right, ending a toxic relationship, finding a new job, or getting our backside off the couch on a Saturday afternoon. If you’re challenged by that thought, a great way to motivate yourself is to make two lists. The first one contains reasons why you should make a change. That’s the “why” list. The second one contains reasons why you shouldn’t. That’s the “why not” list.
After writing both, it’s going to be pretty apparent what you need to do. For most folks the why not list doesn’t win out very often. Whereas the why list always leads to a more interesting, powerful, energetic, and productive life.

For those that are coming into their own with developing and scheduling nutrition plans can you give some advice on how they can develop a foundation so they won't fail or fall fast?

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