You Are What You Wear

Our clothing is a reflection of what we are thinking and what we are feeling. Often, wardrobe mishaps are simply our inner conflicts bubbling to the surface.

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Every one of us attempts to say or hide something in the way we wear our clothes. But few of us can articulate what we’re trying to express or locate the root of the pattern, the pathos.

Having had a history of working in fashion, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, a psychologist, was always fascinated by the internal reasons for our clothing choices. She decided to blend both of her passions to create a new way examining what we wear, the Psychology of Dress. In addition to running her wardrobe consulting business, InsideOut, Dr. B specializes in the treatment of mood, anxiety, substance, and eating disorders. Her focus of clinical research is exercise adherence, nutrition, and psychological wellness among children and adults with obesity.

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Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner
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