When Depression Hurts

A look at energy and the metaphysical side of depression

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Since depression is primarily anger that you feel you’re going to get in trouble for–you need to give yourself a way to express all that anger. Maybe you could write it out. Talk in the mirror, or with a therapist, or with a friend, or with someone who understands, who will be there with you to express it.

And here’s a technique that might help:

  1. Sit or lie down and sense yourself there with a two-hundred pound burlap bag filled with sand on top of you. No wonder you are so tired and you can’t move.
  2. Now, imagine taking a small pocket knife and cutting a little slit in the bag, not more than an inch or two.
  3. Watch the sand coming out. If you’ve ever seen an hour glass, you notice how it builds up a peak and then the weight of it spreads it and then it builds up again and spreads it. You still can’t move, so just watch.
  4. As you watch the sand building up into this huge pile beside the bed or beside the chair, you now feel the bag getting lighter. Visualize yourself jiggling the bag as more comes out. The sand is all over the place but it’s not condensed anymore. It’s not depressing you.
  5. When it gets light enough, take this burlap bag which is now collapsed in your lap and start spinning it around your head with a centrifugal force and then let it go. 
  6. Immediately visualize jumping up and yelling with joy and happiness, dancing around, jumping, turning somersaults and back flips. Things you couldn’t possibly do in fact of physicalness but in this freedom you can.

It may not work the first time, but as you do this technique the second, third, fourth time—one of those times your subconscious is going to understand what you mean and you are going to break free. One of those times—the depression is gone.

Suzanne Hosang lives in Florida with her husband, daughter and a host of animals. Her life was forever changed when she met Lazaris, a non-physical being who reminded her that she is a mapmaker, dreamer and dream-weaver, vision-maker and reality creator. In addition to her practice, she has written An Awakening, Mapping Your Dream, Volume 1. For more information, visit www.suzannehosang.com.


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