Would I feel as upset by this if I were well rested and well nourished? Is “hanger” (anger due to hunger) amplifying the stress?

Could I think more clearly if I took a break for a moment and came back to it?

Stress affects all of us at some point. No one is immune. Stress is actually not all bad, even though it gets a bad rap. Stress can produce enough tension on us to act and respond to challenges. However, when stress is sustained over a long period of time and goes unchecked it can have a negative impact on your overall health and quality of life. So again, teas and oils and mindful movement are great rituals to integrate into a lifestyle of self-care. But if you want to address the causes of stress and not simply treat the symptoms, think about improving in the areas of setting boundaries, discerning your control, and challenging your perceptions. See if those simple changes do not overhaul your lifestyle and help eliminate the stress for good.