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Here are personal tips to you from singer Mandisa on how she lost 100 pounds and stays spiritually healthy! What worked for her was simple. She replaced her "wishbone" with a "backbone" and found her value from a big God.


How can women resist the pressure to be culturally thin?

By getting our value and worth from God rather than from media and to renew our minds with His word daily by studying, meditating on, memorizing and believing passages of scripture, like 1 Peter 3:3-4.

When did you first realize that you wanted be healthier?

It wasn't really a sudden realization. If you ask anyone who struggles with weight if they want to be healthier, most would say it is their greatest wish. For me it was deciding to replace my "wishbone" with a "backbone" and do something about it rather than constantly looking back and wishing I had.

What was your routine to achieve this?

Five things:

1. Changing my eating habits to "focus on the fiber" with more fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

2. Moving more through lifestyle habits (stairs instead of elevators, parking far from grocery store doors, etc.). Also, finding a form of exercise I love (Zumba) changed my life!

3. Dealing with the root causes of why I turn to food. For me, that meant working with a Christian therapist to face childhood traumas and learn to feel my emotions instead of eating them.

4. Fighting the enemy's temptations with the word of God. It's how Jesus fought (see Matthew 4) and it is the only offensive weapon listed in Ephesians 6. I memorize and speak a lot of scripture out loud when tempted and keep spiral bound note cards with scriptures in my purse. My favorite is 1 Corinthians 10:13.

5. Relying on the Holy Spirit's resurrection power inside of me through prayer. If He can raise a man from the dead, He can raise me from my couch and get me onto a treadmill!

How do you remain inspired on the journey?

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