Joan Didion: Grief Becomes a Part of You

Author Joan Didion talks about how losing a loved one can make a perfectly rational person feel like she is losing her mind.

Joan Didion

In her bestselling and National Book Award-winning memoir, "The Year of Magical Thinking," novelist and essayist Joan Didion, 71, writes about the months following the fatal heart attack of her husband, John Gregory Dunne, at their dining room table in 2003. The couple of 40 years was just home from the hospital, where they'd been visiting their only daughter, Quintana, who was extremely ill at the time. 

Less than two years later, after Didion had finished the manuscript for "Magical Thinking," her daughter also passed away. She spoke with Beliefnet recently about how grief can feel like insanity, how faith does and does not help her cope with loss, and what her friends did for her that comforted her the most. 


Listen to Joan Didion talk about:

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Interview by Lisa Schneider
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