Bless This Food

Giving thanks before meals is the most common form of spiritual nourishment.

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A Hindu blessing:

This ritual is one. The food is one. We who offer the food are one. The fire of hunger is also one. All action is one. We who understand this are one.


Kids' Favorites

My fav., which is a funny one, comes from my 4-yr. old step-son, and that is, "Dear God, we're fixin' to eat. Amen." Karen



This is our kids favorite: Thank you God for happy hearts for rain and sunny weather. Thank you God for this food and that we are together. Amen



My daughter learned this prayer in pre-school, and it's been our table blessing ever since: We love our bread, We love our butter, But most of all, We love each other, Thank you LORD for our food. Amen



This blessing is childlike in its simplicity but encompasses so much:


Thank you for the world so sweet. Thank you for the things we eat. Thank you for the birds that sing. Thank you, God, for everything.


This is a favorite simple childs prayer."Father bless the food we take and bless us all for Jesus sake, Amen."


My youngest son always picks this prayer when it is his turn to say the blessing. Dear God, Please bless these sinners as they eat their dinners, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.


As children, we invented our own before meal prayer! It went like this: "We thank G-d for all the food placed before us & pray that there will be Peace on earth. Amen." Having had numerous pets, some whom ran away, we often added "And may so & so please come home soon."

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