Healing Power of Birthstones

Birthstones for Every Month of the Year

Colorful Birthstones

By Deanna Lynn Sletten

Gemstones have been linked to zodiac signs and birth months for thousands of years. Many say these precious and semiprecious stones have absorbed the earth's energies, giving them magical and healing properties--and as such, a prominent place throughout history. Religious leaders wore them to invoke spiritual guidance; in biblical days, kings and conquerors wore all 12 gemstones on their breastplates during battle to protect them from harm; ancient Egyptians placed precious stones in tombs to buy passage to the afterlife; and the Chinese used gems as trade currency. Through the ages, gemstones have also been used to heal physical and mental ills.

While it's said that a birthstone holds the strongest power for the person born in its month, anyone can wear the stones and benefit from their beauty and healing energies.

Learn more about the power of each birthstone.

Deanna Lynn Sletten has been writing for print media and the internet for many years and is the author of two novels. She shares information about writing in her blog, Write Moms.

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