10 Ways to Become a Sacred Activist

How to Give Back from the Heart

Planet Earth with Sun

By Andrew Harvey

With so many crises facing our planet--from extreme poverty to environmental depletion to our often hurried, disconnected pace of life--the future can seem bleak. And many of us feel discouraged and overwhelmed about our ability to make a difference. The most visible world activists are often "fighting for peace," an ironic position that doesn't really reach the roots of our planetary problems.

But one movement, "sacred activism," an approach in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, engages our compassion so that action comes from love. Author and teacher Andrew Harvey has written a book about this phenomenon, offering sage wisdom and practical tools for positive personal and planetary transformation. 

He suggests trying these ten things to start to align yourself "with the power and hope of sacred activism." The first six invite you into deep, nourishing connection with your spirit; the last four will help you express the compassion and joy this connection awakens in you in action.

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The following is an excerpt is from The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism (Hay House, 2009) by Andrew Harvey. Reprinted with permission.

Andrew Harvey is an internationally acclaimed poet, novelist, translator, mystical scholar, and spiritual teacher. He is the architect of a modern day spiritual movement known as Sacred Activism. He has published over 20 books including Son of Man (Tarcher/Putnam) and The Return of the Mother (North Atlantic Books) . Harvey is the Founder/Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism in Oak Park, Illinois, where he lives. His website is www.andrewharvey.net.


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