Goldie: Buddhist, Jew, Jesus Freak

'For the rest of my life, everything I do has to be with good intentions.'

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so you have allies, or are you doing this for


? Because if you're doing this for them, you're destroying them. Because no matter what you feel about this man, they will always love him."

When I went through my issues in regards to that, as hard as it was, I made sure I didn't speak badly about him. In fact, when my son Oliver was little I wrote him a letter because he needs to know why I fell in love with his father (Bill Hudson). And I told him everything that was beautiful about his father, that he made me laugh, that he was fun, that he was a great dad when he was there, that he had talent and an ability to create things out of nothing. I just felt that he needed to know the value of his father, because children identify with their parents no matter how bad they are. So if you have left your husband or your husband has left you, bypass your anger; try to understand it, for yourself, and deal with it-but don't transfer it to your children.

Tell me about your first meeting, and what sounds like an immediate and intense connection, with Kurt Russell. Did it feel like spiritual experience?

No, not at all. When I first met Kurt, he came in to audition for "Swing Shift," one of many guys who came through that door. He'd just come off "Silkwood" which is a really good movie and he really did not want to read. He said, "I'm a terrible reader but I would like to meet you" and we sat down with the director. We had similar friends and coincidental experiences. His mother was the person I went to when I got my first job at Disney when I was a dancer. His two best friends were two guys in the industry (first assistant directors) whom I also was friends with. And I loved who he was. He was so real. And so basic. And completely at ease with himself. And I will say he was definitely my type, physically. But that's not what hit me. What hit me was his comfort with himself. His ability to be so honest-and he wasn't womanizing at all. He was like a buddy, and I thought, "God this guy is so cute and he's got no stuff." It didn't have that "Oh my God I can't wait, oh my heart's pounding, oh I'm sweating under my arms" feel about it. And all I can say is, watch out for those signs because they are a sure disaster. (Laughs)


But you did jump him. (Laughs)

I did jump him.

I love that story.

But not until we started working together, and I started building this connection to him. Watching him with my children. Watching how he worked. Watching how he approached his job. Watching how he approached his own son out of his broken marriage. Seeing this incredible parent, this love, this inner stability-and then he was so damn handsome and so cute and so everything that it all rolled up into one moment after our very first date.

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Interview by Deborah Caldwell
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