Goldie: Buddhist, Jew, Jesus Freak

'For the rest of my life, everything I do has to be with good intentions.'

"But my mother loved Jesus-she was just a complete Jesus freak."
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  • I was struck by the fact that, even back then, you celebrated Christmas and you had a friend who helped you say the rosary-yet you identified as Jewish.

    I know! My best friend was Catholic and that also is a very strong pull. And because she was my best friend, I used to go to church with her all the time.

    So you had a multifaith childhood.


    Definitely. I also went to the Presbyterian church. And it was so great not to be stopped, you see. A parent can say, "You're Jewish, you don't get to do that. This is our faith, you don't get to learn about it." But my mother loved Jesus-she was just a complete Jesus freak.

    She was?

    Oh, and I am too-that's another interesting thing.


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    Interview by Deborah Caldwell
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