Goldie: Buddhist, Jew, Jesus Freak

'For the rest of my life, everything I do has to be with good intentions.'

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You've talked about your car accident and near-death at age 19 which, you say, gave you a destiny because you believe you were sent back from the other side. What do you think your destiny is?

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What I'm learning is it doesn't matter any longer what celebrity you have, it's what you do that matters. So I would say that for the rest of my life, everything I do has to be with a mode of ethics, good intentions, for a better result for the people closest to me and to the world around me. I'm learning that it doesn't matter who you are, but that particular intention can help change one person, your family, your community, your schools, all of these things-and when you do put this out, great changes happen. It's not overnight and you can't expect quick results. It may not shift to our whole dream in this lifetime, maybe not even in the next lifetime, but if you stop believing that you can make a difference, then you're not doing a service to our future.

So, I guess it's taking yourself out of yourself and the "woe is me" and the "mea culpa" and "why me." Take the "me" out of it for a minute and go up that 100,000 feet up and look down, and say, "I'm just a tiny part of this wheel, but I know that if I can just spread the light out, I'll make a difference."

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    Interview by Deborah Caldwell
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