It created a very tangible and palpable field quite far away that many people noticed.

Was the point of this furnace work to create this field?

No, that is the by-product of the synthesis of the energies that were present. To put it in astrological terms, he was taking the energies of the earth, the energies of the moon, the energies of Mars and he was combining them all into a synthetic being.

So he was doing this to make this powerful combination.


The point of doing it was for the process of doing it, not because the end product could be used?

Yeah, there's no use of an end product from it. And in fact, not only is there no usable end products from it, but that's just step one of a very long process. You would take that step and do it over, seven more times, each time refining it. You're pulling it out, you're putting it back, it just gets stronger and more pure.

In a typical month, which sort of alchemical processes do you engage in?

You could plan your month out according to the moon cycle if you wanted to do distillation and calcinations.

One can very easily take the base of the week or say the astrological sign that you're in, combine it with the lunar cycles and take tinctures for that purpose. So prior to a full moon, on a Tuesday in Aries, would be really great time to take a Mars tincture because that would give you a lot of energy; it would really help boost you up for the year.

You said that taking these substances could make prayer and meditation more intense or help you reach a different level. How does that feel?

You take the experience and you amplify it. I wouldn't want anyone to think that each person's experience is going to be identical, because we're all working through different stuff, but there are going to be common characteristics. Tinctures of Venus are always going to be very harmonious, socially oriented, bringing things into happiness and artistic expression and romantic.

If you'd taken a tincture related to Venus and then started painting a picture, you might reach higher heights of artistic skill?

Very much so. Just as we said earlier, if you take a tincture of Mercury, it would help you in a writing or articulation area.

And so these substances don't necessarily have a strong effect if you're just doing the laundry? it's when you're focusing on this certain thing you want to get done?

Think of it as a psychic vitamin. You're just boosting up your receptivity. You take Vitamin C because you want to fend off a cold or when you have a cold. So what you're doing here, you want to keep your receptivity high.

To sum up, if someone said, "I thought alchemy was all about changing to stuff to gold," what would you say?

It's about changing yourself. If you change yourself first, then you either learn how to change gold or it won't matter to you. It's about proving who you are.

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