A lot of people yearn to know more, yet grapple with the idea of goddess because they've been taught there is no goddess -- there's only God. They have a lot of guilt about it. Some women turn to the goddess religions, like to Wicca or some form of neo-paganism, but many women do not want to abandon the tradition they were raised in. They want to connect to the divine energy without feeling they have to `worship' the goddess. Certainly they do not have to give up the God that they were taught about as a child. I believe you can [have] both. I think my book just shows that there are a lot of different interpretations of the goddess, and a lot of different ways she's been worshipped throughout history. And it gives us an image and a sense of divine power that we can relate to.

It's just a little book that I hope will give women a lot of insight and information on how they can be stronger and more peaceful, how they can have more love and better relationships, how they can be more successful and make their dreams come true. And how they can be happier accepting themselves for who they are, really getting to the core of their being, their inner soul, their inner goddess.

Did you get a sense that one or more of the goddesses helped you write this book?

Lakshmi is my homegirl. I truly feel Lakshmi called to me and invited me to explore this path. And it was she who moved me to write the book, and share what I had learned with other women. I do see her as a living and breathing goddess and I am blessed to have such a full experience with her. For example, at the Hindu temple today I felt that I was fully and completely with her, and it was so great. I was very happy to feel that energy all around me and feel a connection to God, Goddess, to all that is.

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