So, it is quite obvious, because of our thinking power and lot of imaginations. They intended a long-term future. So that sometimes, you see, thinking bring us more anxiety, more mental unrest. And also, you see, greed, desire--beyond limits, or beyond necessary. Again, if our desire or the ambition go beyond limitation, then result: more disappointment. So, therefore, these are, I think, the unique sort of problem of human being. Animal have not that kind of problem.

So, therefore, one way, human intelligence is very precious, really great thing. But at the same time, it also can be very destructive and also can be source of problem, source of suffering. So then, obviously pains and unsatisfaction, all sort of problems at that level cannot be overcome by physical comfort. We can see, we can witness the rich people--the millionaire or billionaire--all faculties very much there--very successful sort of businessman. At the same time, that person can be very unhappy person. We can see that. So if physical facility, material facility, can fulfill all our desires, then such rich people should not have any sort of mental problem or suffering. But that's not the case. Other hand, someone who materially is really not at that level can be very happy person. So, the experience on the mental level is more superior, more effective, than the physical level.

So, now, my main point is we are putting every effort, and paying attention, for material development. We should not, I think we must not, you see, neglect our inner values. If we become like slave of money, we can't be happy person. And if we expect all our problems can be solved through external means, that's a mistake. That's unfortunate. It is impossible.

So, therefore, while we are enjoying or making effort to further develop the material facilities through science and technology, it is very essential, very useful to think occasionally inward.

Now, here was a point: Usually I call human values. The human species is a social animal. So, because of that nature, because of social animal, this is by birth, by nature. You see, we have also the sense of community. Because our individual survival very much depends on the community. So therefore, I think we can see that according to medical science, even the child before birth, the child already has some kind of a capacity to realize mother's voice. So that means by nature, the child entirely depends on that person. So some kind of feeling--closeness feeling--towards that person is before birth, already developed.

So, afterwards, after birth, the caring by mother or some other people, under that circumstances, the child survives and grows. More affections, more care. The physical development and mental development also healthier obviously in those children. Especially unwanted children: They are very unfortunate because they grow in insecurity. No one can realize how hard. That's very, very harmful for development of the physical, as well as the mind.

So, therefore, the sense of taking care and sharing with one another--these are basic human qualities. Of course, aggressiveness also is a part of human nature. But I feel that come later, I think. That is secondary. Because of that, it come later. But the affection, one another, that is the foundation of our survival. So, that come right from the beginning. Aggressiveness, it seems, you see, the human intelligence develop, then the aggressiveness also increase. This is my feeling.

So basically, I feel human nature, basically more positive, more affectionate. Some of my friends argue that human nature is aggressive. So, some people even have the, I think, very pessimist sort of attitude, that human nature is bad. I think that's a mistake. If human nature is really bad, then there's no use to talk about the future, I don't think. So therefore, as I mentioned earlier, in this physical, they very much need other's affectionate attitude. So, again, you see, according to medical science, after birth, in the next few weeks, the physical touch of the mother or someone who takes care, is a very, very crucial factor for development of the brain. So, the physical development very much need human affection.

So, then, obviously, those people who have more negative emotions, such as hate, fear, jealousy--these people won't be a happy person. And their life span also can be shorter. Again, medical scientists say--according to their research--that those individuals who often use the word "I, my, mine, me," these people have greater risk for heart attack. So, this shows that too much self-centered narrow-mindedness really bring disaster. Bring unhappy life. It's, I think, quite logical. When we think of just one's self, when we focus all our mind in a very limited area. So, within that really limited area, even small problems appears very big.