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Christian Persecutors?! No, Christian Victims

Date: 04/27/2017

On April 25, USA Today featured an article on its first page beneath a big, bold headline that read: “Gays face reversal of anti-bias protections.” This is but one more case of Fake News. Fifty-one Republican lawmakers have implored President Trump to keep a campaign promise to restore the religious liberties of Americans that came under assault courtesy of his predecessor, Barack Obama.  Amo ...

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Socially engaged Buddhism vs letting go ~

Date: 01/16/2017

Reading Jessica Livingston’s ‘Sound of Silence‘ struck so many resonant chords it was like she was playing my song. A soundtrack to a current dilemma I’m waffling over. Which is…to FaceBook or not to FaceBook. Livingston articulates the downsides eloquently: I'm sick of being a target for every neocon who buys alt-right agitprop . I'm tired of angering at groundless conspiracy theories, a ...

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The Reason for the Season; Or, Would Jesus Celebrate Christmas?

Date: 12/23/2016

[caption id="attachment_460" align="alignleft" width="300"] Jesus was actually 2 by the time they arrived....[/caption] On a recent episode of my radio show, Rise UP with B. Dave Walters  we discussed the true meaning of Christmas, and how to deal with some of the negative emotions that can come along with it.  I got so emotional while talking about the meaning of Christmas that I cried on t ...

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Trump in Jesus' Name – The Tragedy for Christian Witness

Date: 11/12/2016

[caption id="attachment_5958" align="alignleft" width="300"] Photo credit: Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images[/caption] This past week an overwhelming majority of America's Christians went to the polls to vote in a candidate whose campaign targeted women, Muslims, minorities and people with disabilities as scapegoats, and whose televised rallies brimmed with hate language and bullying antics that u ...

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Language, Politics, and Reality

Date: 07/19/2016

During a heated exchange on my Facebook wall, a “friend”—I’ll call him “DB”—remarked that while I was “cool,” the rest of those posting on my thread, including family members of mine, were “faggots.” As soon as I realized what he had said, I deleted him from my friends’ list. Soon thereafter, evidently unaware that I unfriended this person, another friend of mine—someone who I do indeed know ...

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The "Conservative" Dilemma of the NeverTrumpster

Date: 05/10/2016

The NeverTrumpster is on the horns of a dilemma, for if Trump is the faux conservative that he claims he is, then so too are presidential candidates that they’ve supported the same. On the other hand, if the latter are conservative, then so too is Trump conservative. John McCain 2008 A self-confessed admirer of Big Government “progressive” Theodore Roosevelt, McCain allied with another Tedd ...

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Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder (TTSD): An Analysis of "Trump-phobia"

Date: 04/29/2016

To the plethora of mental illnesses in this mental illness-ridden age of ours, we can now add another. We’ve all heard of PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. During this past year, something we can call TTSD has emerged. TTSD is Trump Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is also known as “Trump-phobia,” for such is the fear of those who suffer from it that the very mention of Donald Trump’s na ...

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Pope Francis Offers Hope for Divorcing Catholics

Date: 04/14/2016

A recent Washington Post article explores Pope Francis and his modern views on divorcing Catholics and Communion. The Pope has ignited a conversation which has Catholics, clergy and experts pondering their interpretation of his words and what it means to contemporary Catholicism. The aforementioned article, which by the way is worth the read, cites the Pope's following advice to priests regardin ...

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