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The Aborted Vote

Date: 11/03/2016

Important Disclaimer: We are not in the least against women who have had abortions. In fact, we love them dearly, as some of them are among our dearest friends and family. Those who have talked openly with us have expressed the aftermath of pain they have lived through having undergone an abortion. We realize these decisions were made with excruciating agony, not flippantly – many feared the judg ...

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Are We Helpless?

Date: 07/17/2016

Why are we so affected by the events that we see on the news? For many of us, the massacre in Nice took place across the ocean.  Yet we felt grief when we learned of the tragedy.  The same holds true for 9/11.  I was living in New York City at the time.  As a result, I felt the tragedy of that day very immediately and personally.  Yet, I know people who were nowhere near the Pentagon or the World ...



Diminishing Women - Destroys the Web of Life

Date: 07/01/2016

By Sharon Riegie Maynard If I had needed a reminder of the deplorable state of women in our country, it could not have come with greater power than via my oldest Granddaughter, Sara. Sara is an incredible young woman… you know that kind of granddaughter, right? She lives in another state, is doing her very adult life, married to a wonderful man as a partner and has always stepped into adventu ...

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Are NeverTrumpers "Pro-Hillary?" Not Necessarily

Date: 06/23/2016

Are (Republican) NeverTrumpers “pro-Hillary,” as some of their critics are now claiming? Not necessarily. It’s true that if the NeverTrumper gets his wish and Donald Trump’s candidacy fails, then the outcome will be a Hillary Clinton presidency.   Yet just because the outcome of not voting for Trump is exactly the same as that of actually voting for Hillary Clinton, these may still be two disti ...

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Baptists and the Building of Mosques

Date: 06/16/2016

The Southern Baptist Convention recently concluded its annual convention, electing a new president, Steve Gaines (of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis); he replaces Ronnie Floyd of Cross Church in Rogers, Arkansas. Besides a resolve to denounce the Confederate flag, the convention made some news on the heels of the recent story involving a planned mosque in New Jersey. Traditional Southern Bap ...

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Reversing spiritual amnesia in light of the Florida killings

Date: 06/14/2016

The distressing news about a gunman killing 50 people in a gay bar in Florida prompts me to express sadness and alertness. The notion that murder is an answer is very sad, and demands vigilant alertness. I want to see the bigger picture so as not to fall into the trap of spiritual amnesia. Spiritual amnesia comes from broken memories consisting of a few imprints, whether detestable imprints or o ...

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When two swords, church and state, clash

Date: 05/22/2016

Separation of church and state is often triumphed by self-labeled liberals in the US when it comes to keeping religion out of the law. When it comes to keeping the state out of faith, self-labeled conservatives will themselves fall back on the separation of church and state, the United States Constitution, specifically the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. Fortun ...

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The "Conservative" Dilemma of the NeverTrumpster

Date: 05/10/2016

The NeverTrumpster is on the horns of a dilemma, for if Trump is the faux conservative that he claims he is, then so too are presidential candidates that they’ve supported the same. On the other hand, if the latter are conservative, then so too is Trump conservative. John McCain 2008 A self-confessed admirer of Big Government “progressive” Theodore Roosevelt, McCain allied with another Tedd ...

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