Florence Nightingale

Born to wealth in Britain, Florence Nightingale believed that God spoke to her and called her to service while in her garden at the age of 17. While many recognize her from history as a nurse who gave her entire life to the cause of alleviating conditions of the poor, especially in hospitals and workhouses, she was also a radical theologian and it was her mission to change things. She knew that she was guided by God and used the knowledge and strength provided by Him to write and publish several books on hospital planning and organization which helped save thousands of lives. She also realized God’s role for women and did an incredible amount of work to help the movement of women, showing that nursing was an acceptable role for women to take. Nightingale is a great example of how God can use an ordinary person to do extraordinary things.

Each individual’s relationship with Christ shaped them into revolutionary figures and allowed them make lasting change. What’s amazing about these figures is that they were no different than you or me. Against all odds, they were able to accomplish what they set their mind to.