The overall goal of this meditation exercise is simply to open your mind to new possibilities and to messages from your angel. It serves to raise your awareness of what is going on around you so that you can heed the advice and guidance that your Guardian Angel is providing. Which leads us to another key truth about the Guardian Angel: Your angel is speaking to you every day, but you are not always listening. In other words, your meditations and growing awareness will not cause your Guardian Angel to communicate with you they will simply help you tune into the transmissions that your Guardian Angel is sending you all the time! Think of it as learning to hear the birds singing in your back yard. The birds have always been singing, you have just been too preoccupied with other things to stop and really listen!

As you do your meditation exercises—and you may find yourself doing them in different places at different times as the mood strikes—you must follow up by doing what is sometimes called "walking meditation" with your Guardian Angel. This simply amounts to being mindful of everything around you, to appreciating the beauty and joy of your world, clearly seeing and accepting the challenges that face you. Go beyond and behind the experiences of your daily life while walking to school or driving to work or taking the kids to soccer practice. Start really looking and listening for the presence and communications of the divine in everything around you!

Do not think that your Guardian Angel will speak to you in thunderclaps and grand visions. Guardian Angels guide gently. They communicate and (always) teach with the ultimate classroom materials: reality and perception. Become open to these communications by looking at everything and everybody as a possible means of communication between you and the divine, no matter how trivial it may seem. These communications may come to you as sudden urges, hunches, intuitive flashes, or coincidences. Examples range from the silly to the serious, but if you look you will see a pattern of guidance that reaches into all parts of your life. Think back on all the times that intuition and hunches have helped you, and all the times you knew you should or should not do something—and ignored that instinct to your sorrow!

The best way to open up to communication from your Guardian Angel is to really pay attention to your inner voice and to your reality. You must become more aware of the inner and outer ways that your Guardian Angel communicates with you. Start by really paying attention to sudden urges or unexplained feelings and intuitions that seem to pop out of nowhere. Learn to recognize the distinct quality of those hunches and inspirations that are indeed true and helpful. After a while, you will begin to recognize the touch or voice of your Guardian Angel, as opposed to mere stray thoughts and ego-desires. For one thing, these instincts are never mean or controlling; they are always simple and clear urges or suggestions that leave behind a distinctive flavor. Learn to recognize this and you will have become truly aware!

Coincidences and seemingly unrelated symbols or things are important. Your Guardian Angel will use any and all means to communicate with you. Angels speak using the language of reality, if you just observe! Aside from your inner voice or intuition, your Guardian Angel is always tossing you all sorts of clues in order to teach and guide. Sound silly?

Mystics from many religions speak of the divine speaking to us through the world. Reality is very much what we think it is, unconsciously and consciously. If you assign value or meaning to certain objects, symbols, or images, your Guardian Angel will use them to communicate with you. If this seems silly, remember that your Guardian Angel is using what is in your reality to communicate with you. This may include all sorts of mundane ideas and symbols. You will recognize the authenticity of the message by the characteristic "tingle" or "feeling" that accompanies it. This feeling—that certain "touch of the Guardian Angel" feeling—is something you will experience for yourself as you learn to trust your angel more and more.

Finally, your Guardian Angel speaks to you all the time through the words and actions of other people. How can this be? Are these people being controlled by your angel? It is an interesting question and one that is not so easy to answer. More likely your angel is simply helping you see or hear something someone else says or does in a certain way that is only meaningful to you, using your awareness or perception to show you something. Still, it cannot be denied that the divine often guides you through the inadvertent actions and words of others, if you are but aware enough to "get it!" The divine does move in mysterious ways!

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