Conflict in the Middle East

Conflict in the Middle East

Conflict in the Middle East

Most Recent Middle East Coverage

Israel's Fragile Identity
Several clarifying moments the months owar have emerged, shedding light on Israel's 'unbearable dilemma.'
By Yossi Klein Halevi

The Vanishing Palestinian Christian
Palestinian Christians could disappear altogether from the Holy Land. Why that matters.
By Deborah Caldwell

The Conflict for Christians
Fissures between Christians over Israel and Palestine are growing.
By Martin E. Marty

Replanting Trees, Rebirthing Peace
Americans join Rabbis for Human Rights in a fight for justice--and for Judaism.
By Rabbi Brian Walt and Rabbi Arthur Waskow

  • May 7 Suicide Bombing
  • Report: Arab Anti-Semitism Rising
  • Church of the Nativity Standoff Near Over
  • Israel to Form Anti-Semitism Commission
  • Arabs Discuss Islamic Monuments
  • Israel Rally in D.C. Shows GOP Tensions

    Previous Coverage
    A Year of Devastated Hopes
    During the High Holiday season, we should remember that Israel's existence is a blessing, but it is not immune from legitimate criticism.
    By Rabbi Marc Margolius

    Eyewitness to Terror
    A survivor of a suicide bombing shares a letter from Jerusalem.
    By Binny Friedman

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    Al-Aqsa Intifada

    Understanding the Rage
    Though sickened by the brutal lynching of two Israeli soldiers, I understand how Israel's occupation can lead to such violence
    By Michael Lerner

    The Reality Principle
    The Palestinian leadership has made it clear it is uninterested in peace. Where's the outcry from American Jews?
    By Elliott Abrams

    It Has Come to This
    Profound disappointment, deep frustration and hardening attitudes among American Jews
    By Ira Rifkin

    Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif

    Ending the Assault on History
    Jews' connection to the Temple Mount is deep and inextricable, despite some Palestinians' attempts to deny it.
    By Rabbi Avi Shafran

    Why the Rage?
    Why did Ariel Sharon's visit to Haram al-Sharif invoke such a heated response?
    By Ibrahim Hooper

    Israeli Elections

    Not Ready for Peace
    Sharon's ascendance was inevitable--but his downfall will be quick, as the price of continued war grows too high.
    By Arthur Hertzberg

    Why Sharon?
    Israel's new prime minister embodies the idea that security is achieved through strength and firmness, not concessions.
    By Elliott Abrams


    A Holy City of Islam
    To say Jerusalem is unimportant to Muslims is to ignore Islam's sense of being the culmination of the Abrahamic tradition.
    By Rashid Khalidi

    Whose Jerusalem?
    A cursory review of religion and history shows that there is not much of a contest between Jews and Muslims.
    By Daniel Pipes

    The Hope for Peace

    The Rhetoric of the Cursed and Cunning Must Stop
    A Muslim "raised as a Zionist" explains that both Jews and Muslims need spiritual breakthroughs for peace in the Holy Land.
    By Mas'ood Cajee

    The Moral State of Western Religions
    A wave of anti-Semitic violence since the Mideast conflict erupted in September casts a pall on Christians, Muslims, and Jews.
    By Rabbi Irving Greenberg

    More on the Conflict

    It's Our Mideast Violence, Too
    Longtime Christian prejudices against Jews and Muslims helped foment the hostility. With changed atittudes, we can spread peace
    By Joan Chittister, OSB

    Middle East Strife Further Strains U.S. Muslim-Jewish Ties
    Is the nascent relationship between the two religious communities collapsing under the weight of Israeli-Palestinian fighting?
    By Milton Viorst

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    Whose Jerusalem?
    Links to information about the city and Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian religious claims

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    Old City

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    Must Religion
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