Progress surely requires we don’t use women simply as ‘subjects’ for events and books and papers, but rather recognize women as agents. It’s to realize that far from being too narrow, the topic of “Sikh Women” is dizzingly broad. Sikh women are involved, very centrally in every aspect of our community, whether as teachers, mothers, organizers, sisters, mentors, friends, writers, spiritual guides, leaders, wives, and as inspirations. SikhNet filmmakers can talk about pretty much about everything and anything—provided they don’t forget asking difficult questions, showing solidarity with experiences that are not their own, and listening for different voices. It might not be easy. But if it were easy, it won’t be revolutionary.

Mallika Kaur is a lawyer who focuses on gender and minority issues in the United States and South Asia. She has a JD from UC Berkeley School of Law and MPP from Harvard Kennedy School. She serves on the Board of Directors of SAFAR: The Sikh Feminist Research Institute and works with several civil society initiatives, international advocacy organizations, and academic institutions, to combine research, advocacy, scholarship, and the law. Currently she is a staff attorney at CORA, a domestic violence agency in the Bay Area, California.

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