In fact, the only time He became angry or sharp was when he was confronted with oppressive organized religion!

We should invitational rather than confrontational. That is the essence of Christ. That is the Christmas spirit. The Christian Church would be well-served to uncurl from its defensive position and simply live out its faith.

That life and utter joy that comes from the celebration of Christ’s life will be a beacon to others, a bright, guiding light in a land obscured by snow.

So instead of wasting time trying to fear and guilt the secular community into including the theological aspects of Christmas in its celebrations, why not entice them through love and peace, pointing people toward the cross rather than dragging them there?

And all of this begins in our own hearts—when we make time to separate the celebration of Christ’s birth from the consumerism of Christmas, we show that Jesus matters to us. Otherwise, our admonitions to "bring Christ back to Christmas" ring hollow. If Christ truly matters to us, we'll live out the qualities that He embraced, and others will find those qualities beautiful enough to be drawn in.

So go and capture the true spirit of Christmas by dwelling on Christ’s birth, striving to be Christ-like in all that you do, and inviting the rest of the world to see the redemptive power of Jesus. Be the example. It is only in this that Christ and Christmas might truly become one.