18. What about music? Can someone play an instrument and possibly teach the melodies to your guests? Could you use a tape or a CD to accompany the singing during the seder? Have you thought about distributing song sheets to your guests? Do you have the need to stick to traditional songs and melodies, or are you open to including songs that address today's issues and use familiar modern melodies, songs that are easy to sing and fun for everyone involved?

19. Has anything happened to your family during the pat year that would be meaningful for you to include in your seder: Have people in the family become ill and unable to attend? Has someone died who should be remembered? Have children married and no join the seder with a spouse or a partner? Have children been born and added to the chain of tradition? Have family members moved to a new home, to a new community, to a new state? Have family members changed jobs?

20. Is anything happening in your community at home, at work, or in the world that you would like to include in your seder?

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