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  • Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant. If a suggestion from Satan assail thy (mind), seek refuge with Allah. For He heareth and knoweth (all things). Those who fear Allah, when a thought of evil from Satan assaults them, bring Allah to remembrance, when lo! They see (aright)!

    Qur'an, Al-A'raf, Surah 7:199-201
  • Get rid of the hardship and heal, O Lord of the People, you are the Healer, and there is no healing of disease like Yours…

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Gabriel ordered Muhammad to mount the animal, which was called Buruq. But as Muhammad approached the animal, it shied. Gabriel put his hand on its mane, and exclaimed, "No one more honorable in the sight of God than Muhammad has ever ridden you before." The animal was so ashamed that it broke into a sweat; and it stood quite still, so Muhammad could mount. end quote
-Ibn Ishaq, "The Life of Muhammad"
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