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  • It is He who constrained the sea to be of service to you that you may eat fresh fish from it and brings forth from its depths ornaments that you wear. Behold the ships plowing through the waves so that you may seek of His bounty. Be grateful therefore for all His blessings.

    Qur'an, An-Nahl, Surah 16:14
  • Allah, in the name of your most special, in the name of the dignity...

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How transcendent and immaculate is God! He has neither place, nor time, nor beginning, nor temporal continuity, nor posterior eternity, nor temporal priority, nor terminal end, and yet all the while, He is neither occupied wit, nor seeks succor from, that which He has brought into being. Nonetheless, He is just in all affairs wherein His commandments are issued to people. end quote
-Shibli in Sarraj Tusi: "Kitab al-luma"
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