“That’s what I’m worried about when you get right down to it. I’m worried about thebarricade that’s impenetrable on either side.

“We don’t really want to engage them. We don’t want to talk with them.

“They don’t want to talk with us.

“That’s unfortunate, because the way hearts are changed is clear engagement.”

“The bigger question,” says Daly, “is the really difficult balance of ‘How do we participate in a democracy within the environment that we live in today?’ Scripture says time is winding down. We’re in the End Times. God wants us to have a Stephen-like attitude. Can we honestly say, ‘Don’t hold this sin against them’? How often do we say that after an argument or debate?

“We have to understand that we’re not here to win. We’re here to influence as much as possible the heart to the listener.

“It might be a little bit, it might be nothing, or it might be remarkable.

“We need balance. When we strike it, standing for truth with Christ’s heart, all people are attracted to it, both young and old. I don’t think we should bend in principle. Nor can we dilute the truth.

“The Lord calls us to the transcendent values found in the Bible.

“That’s a vision worth refocusing on.”

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