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  • Love is stronger than death.
    So I must be content to know that
    love is not affected by death…

    Reprinted with permission of Andrews McMeel Publishing, from "Little Taps on the Shoulder From God" © 2002 Mary Hollingsworth
  • Lord, for tomorrow and its needs,
    I do not pray;
    Keep me, my God, from stain of sin…

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Just as the word chariot is merely a means of expressing how axle, body, wheel, and poles are brought together in a certain relationship, but when we look at each of them one by one there is no chariot in an absolute sense; and just as the word house is a way of expressing how wood and other materials stand in relationship to each other in a certain space, but in the absolute sense there is no house; and just as the word fist is an expression for the finger and thumb in relationship, and tree for trunk, branches, leaves, and so on, but in an absolute sense there is no fist or tree--in exactly the same way the words living entity and person are but ways of expressing the relationship of body, feeling, and consciousness, but when we come to examine the elements of being, one by one, we find there is no entity there. In the absolute sense there is only name and form and the mystery which they express. Such ideas as "I" and "I am" are not absolute. end quote
-Visuddhi Magga
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