A Forgotten Christmas Lesson Things We Forget to Thank God For Holy Intervention Faith Appetite
Beliefnet contributor Frank Viola encourages us to remember Joseph and walk in his footsteps this Christmas season. read more »
The apostle Paul reminds us “in all things to give thanks.” Here’s a list of things we can take for granted and forget to appreciate. read more »
Focusing on your faith every day is essential to keeping it resilient and ready to go. read more »
Restoring your faith appetite will help make your life feel more fulfilled and give you a renewed sense of being. read more »
  • Most Loving Father, thank you for this night and for all it represents...

    Sermons and Sermon -- Lectionary Resources
  • Sovereign Lord we pray for our country at all times, we pray...for all those who guide and govern. Help them in every situation to know and to do the things that are right and just…

    St. Edward's Church (Plymouth, England)

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