Station Eleven: Jesus Is Nailed to the Cross I pass the hospital again on the way home. I know that inside humans are dying, either now or in the near future. I pray that they can join Jesus with his Father, Holy Spirit, beloved mother Mary and all the saints in paradise.

As we suffer our challenges and setbacks like little crosses, let us not forget your Cross. You need not have accepted being nailed to a cross. With each spurt of your blood, we are saved, we are redeemed.

Station Twelve: Jesus Dies on the Cross
The hospital also reminds us that the one certainty of our lives is that they will end in death. Your death, particularly painful, however, was chosen by you, for our sake. With it, O Lord, you secured our redemption. Our death has meaning if we can connect it to yours. Help us to leave this mortal life to enter into eternity.

O my Jesus, I pray for those dying at this moment. I place myself at the foot of your cross with Mary and John. As you expire, my head falls against your feet, and I whisper with the good thief, "Jesus, remember me as you enter into your Kingdom."

Station Thirteen: Jesus Is Taken Down From the Cross
As I start down the slope beside the hospital, I see a mortuary in the distance. It is at such a place that my earthly body will rest before I am placed in the ground. As I go down the hill, I feel I am helping to take our Lord's body from the cross.

Lord, when our earthly lives have ended, may we too breathe, "It is finished," before our family, relatives and friends pray for our souls in departure rituals. Lord, may I be supportive of others who have lost loved ones recently.

Station Fourteen: Jesus Is Placed in the Tomb
On my return home, I pass tombstones in a cemetery and think of my final resting place. As a Catholic Christian, I am aware that my innermost soul will have gone away from this tomb. You showed us, Lord, on that first Easter how the real person does not stay in the ground or vault but resurrects with you in eternity.

Lord, thank you for being with me as I meditate on your passion and look forward to eternity. Help especially those who are most in need of your mercy. Grant that we may resurrect with you in paradise. Help us to conquer the grave and rise to discover the beauties of heaven. No more will there be sin, hurt or evil; all will be love with God.