You may not know it Devageet, but most people who try to meditate cannot go very deep because their biology pulls them back. It acts as a barrier. Meditation is from the stars, and biology is from the earth. Our biology, like all biology, is programmed for the survival of the species. It knows nothing of the stars. It knows only the earth. Biology has four million years of evolution behind it, and each person has that whole program for survival written in his and her very cells.

Biology is blind, it pulls you to the earth. Biology knows nothing of higher consciousness. Meditation is from the stars. Meditation can take you home, it has eyes. But it takes an exceptional meditator to overcome the gravitational pull of thousands of years of biology. Your higher consciousness has a force too; it is levitation. As gravity pulls you downward, levitation pulls you upwards. Meditation brings the upward vertical movement to your consciousness. There is always balance in existence.

Normally, the scales are weighted in favour of biology. What are ten years, fifteen years of meditation, against the four million-year inheritance of biology? Your biology is your bondage.

But it is possible - for the exceptional people almost anything is possible. The Masters, those few immense peaks of human consciousness, by their spiritual achievement, they have shown throughout human history that meditation and enlightenment is possible. The Masters are the proof. And Meditation is the only possibility, the only door through which enlightenment can enter. There is no other way.

For the meditator it is the attachment to the body-mind that is their biological bondage, and until this attachment is dissolved it is too difficult for an ordinary person to go deep enough in their meditation for enlightenment to happen.

The older religions knew something of this but their priests, being unenlightened, have taken a wrong step, made the wrong interpretation. All religions are formed by unenlightened people. No enlightened being forms a religion. It is the followers that form the religions. The religious traditions all try to fight biology. They tell you to renounce the body, to abuse it, and torture it into submission, to force it to surrender. This is sheer madness. Who is the abuser? Who is the renouncer? It is the ego, the personality-self, the mind that has been conditioned into the religious belief system. It is a terrible mistake to fight with the body and the mind; in fact, it is the opposite of meditation, it strengthens the ego. Perhaps that is the real goal of organized religions.

Out of a thousand people who try to meditate, one may succeed, may go deep enough, may reach the abysmal depths where enlightenment can happen. For the others their biological bondage is too much.

Swami Devageet is the author of Osho, The First Buddha in the Dental Chair: Amusing Anecdotes by His Personal Dentist (Sammasati Publishing). The unique book reveals an intimate and charming portrait of the revered spiritual master and how he worked to bring enlightenment to the author and to humanity sitting in the arms of a dental chair. Filled with funny experiences, personal observations and glimpses of the insight into the man who taught meditation to millions, Osho, The First Buddha in the Dental Chair covers a side of Osho never seen before. For more information, visit

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