I understand that you name your bats after literary characters [He thought of becoming an high school English teacher]?

Dickey: Actually I named them after literary swords, because the bat is kind of like our weapons. I like to have some fun with that. It something that keeps me entertained [laugh].

Which [literary] character can you best identify with or has encouraged you?

Dickey: Well, I can tell which one I am most like, Odysseus [Odysseus Greek hero known for brains and brawn]. He had to get through quite a bit to get back home, and although he had a lot of attributes that would make him a hero. Not that I am or was. He had a lot of ups and downs. He had to go through a lot of experiences to get home [Ithaca].… Now the journey for me is how to do that well.

The love of your wife [Anne] has been a great source of strength...

Dickey: The fear when you are abused is that you’re going to share that and people are going to throw their hands up and run as fast as they can in the other direction. That pain is too much to bear and you hold it tightly and keep it from people. That is an untruth perpetrated by the enemy, or one of them. When I told Anne, my wife, about my past—the things I’ve [had done or the things done to me], she didn’t run the other way--but instead embraced me in the midst of them. I think that was a life changing experience for me.

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