July 27, 2017

Justin Trudeau

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was born on Christmas day in 1971. He has followed in family’s footsteps. His father, Pierre Trudeau spent 15 years as Prime Minister. Prior to going into politics, Trudeau studied Engineering and Environmental Geography at university. He also played at acting, starring in the 2007 CBC film “The Great War”.

Cab Calloway

Scat singer Cab Calloway was born on Christmas day in Rochester in 1907. He was coached by one of the most influential jazz musicians and singers in music history – Louis Armstrong. Calloway was a major voice of the Harlem Renaissance art movement during the 1920s, defining Harlem sound. His other achievements include writing a bestselling Hepster’s Dictionary and perfecting the gliding backward dance later replicated by Michael Jackson as the “moonwalk”.

Christmas birthdays are really rare. According to a Harvard University study, December 25 is the least common day for births after February 29. If you were born on Christmas Day, consider yourself quite special. Christmas babies shared a birthday not only with Jesus Christ, but also all these incredible celebrities and figures. If you are one, you rock!