Though iconic authors from our past touch upon aspects of faith in their work, and while it is certainly true that through the practice of discernment we can find God’s truth and beauty in even the most secularly-grounded literature, authors like Paul Bunyan, G.K. Chesterton, Flannery O’Connor, Dorothy Sayers, Walker Percy, Frederick Buechner, just to name a few directly focus on faith-based issues. However, since we won’t see these names in our local Lifeway stores or in the Christian, Faith, or Inspirational sections of secular book stores, we must, therefore, dig deeply on our own for meaningful reads like these. But don’t worry…the digging will be joyful and the mining rich.

The point is that the true, good, and beautiful is out there in print and, once we winnow the chaff, as we have already, hopefully, begun to do in the paragraphs above, there is no excuse for failing to reap the rich harvest just waiting for us to pick up and devour. Even for those of us (my hand rises, too, with this group) who feel that we have tapped the well dry and become resigned to only re-reading our favorite authors, the challenge remains: they’re out there, waiting patiently. The front doors are ajar and inside, by a fragrant fire in the hearth, is a cup of something warm and a pillow for our feet.