Now that summer is coming to an end, autumn brings promises of last-minute camping trips and newly sharpened #2 pencils. In-between buying new clothes and school supplies, give your child a taste of books that will provide wisdom and inspiration during recess and after school.

Dear God
Illus. Sophie Allsopp
Little Simon Inspirations
Age: 4-8

Fans of "The Jolly Postman" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg will adore this book of "little letter prayers for little people." Children will learn to praise God’s blessings through selected psalms and Christian prayers. Mini-envelopes filled with simple 'Dear God' prayers will captivate young readers, as will Allsopp’s gentle watercolor scenes in twilight colors. The last page includes a bigger envelope and note card for personal prayers.
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Mr. & Mrs. God in Creation Kitchen
By Nancy Wood; Illus. Timothy Basil Ering
Candlewick Press
Age: 4-8

In this deliciously inventive book, creation is given an unusual twist. As they rummage through the ingredients in their kitchen, Mr. and Mrs. God delightfully stir, mold, and bake magnificent creatures to populate Earth. Ering, who illustrated Kate DiCamillo’s award-winning "The Tale of Despereaux," pairs the tale with charming, quirky drawings awash in blue-gray tones. Children will enjoy this well-seasoned and well-baked masterpiece.
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Little Stone Buddha
By K.T. Hao; Illus. Giuliano Ferri
Purple Bear Books
Age: 4-8

One day, a stonemason carves a statue out of a large rock from Nine Tall Mountains. Thus is born Little Stone Buddha, who enters the world with a “long oooommmm.” When Little Stone Buddha rescues a fox from hunters, he earns faithful guardians and unwavering devotion. Children will love this simple story filled with lessons of gratitude, friendship, and loyalty and enjoy Ferri’s playful, autumn-colored drawings.
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A World of Prayers
Selected by Jeremy Brooks; Illus. Elena Gomez
Eerdmans Books for Young Readers
Age: 4-8

Guide children of all ages through this lush book of prayers from many cultures. From a Native American prayer on tolerance to a funny Scottish mealtime prayer (“Doon head, / Up paws, / Thank God / We’ve jaws.”), children will discover the ease and fun of talking to God. Gomez’s vibrant palette is a Technicolor daydream—a big green bed transforms into a meadow of red tulips while a boy's blue trousers transform into long waves.
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Grace for an Island Meal
By Rachel Field; Illus. by Cynthia Jabar
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Age: 4-8

Even though summer may be over, you can still bring this delightful book on family vacations. Using couplets, Field helps young readers discover unique treasures on an island: chanterelle mushrooms, bright berries, a picnic by the shore. Teach children how to appreciate the everyday joys in life and help them find nature’s blessings on the next vacation.
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