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This Sunday at church, we had an awkward moment.  While giving the children’s sermon, the pastor asked the kids, “When the angel came to visit the girl, Mary, what good news did he have for her?” Listening on the altar […]

My husband and I recently started taking ballroom dancing classes.  Ballroom dancing isn’t like the modern dancing that you might do at a club or a wedding.  It is very structured.  There are rules, specific steps, and techniques.  And there […]

A little while ago, I was at church, and we were having communion.  After I received communion, I returned to my seat and observed the others still waiting in line.  One husband stood behind his wife and gave her shoulder […]

We live in a broken world.  Last week’s attacks in Beirut and Paris were a ghastly reminder of that fact.  Now, in the aftermath of these events, our politicians will make speeches, our military forces will respond, and we will…  […]

In the book of Romans 8:31-32, the Apostle Paul writes, “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave […]

Some of us carry a lot of stuff with us. We aren’t overloaded with actual things, but rather we are overloaded with emotional baggage.  Carrying emotional baggage is hard.  When we have too much of it, we are tense.  We […]

Words are powerful things. When used well, they can encourage and inspire us.  Many of us have special words that we turn to when we need inspiration.  For instance, when I’ve had struggles in my life, I’ve meditated on on […]