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“Spare yourself the torture of raking over the past, but use the lessons well. Nothing in your past is wasted. It all prepares you for now.” – Anon How often do we “rake over the past” and miss the lesson? […]

All of us seek happiness, that elusive state of contentment in which we are satisfied emotionally, mentally and physically. The challenge in our quest for happiness is that the buck stops with us. Even though we spend our days in the […]

My dog passed away recently. If you’ve never had a pet, it may be hard for you to understand the feelings involved in losing an animal. The relationship with a pet is like no other. Pets are companions who communicate […]

True serenity is sometimes defined as the ability to remain calm in the midst of a storm. For most of us, that type of calm does not come naturally. It requires a peace of mind that is developed over time. […]