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Often when we are working toward a big goal, we enter a period when nothing seems to be happening. It is an awkward time when we don’t know for sure whether or not we will be successful. This period reminds […]

There is something comforting about having a lot of stuff. If our homes are full of things – whether those things are valuable or not – we feel like we are successful. After all, we could afford all that! However, […]

We live in a culture that values being productive. I don’t happen to think that there is anything necessarily wrong with that. After all, productivity doesn’t just include fielding emails. We can produce art, music, and cuisine. We can create […]

Oftentimes we think that it is our circumstances that block us from achieving our God-given purpose in life. For instance, we might think that we don’t have the right people in our lives. Or that we are living in the […]

Having been a desert and city dweller for the last two decades, I haven’t had much of a chance to garden before.  However, now that my husband and I are living in the suburbs with a lawn, yard and woods […]

Today, I hosted a flute and violin quartet practice at my house.  The flutists – myself and my daughter – were joined my friend and her daughter – both violinists.  It was a wonderful morning of making music.  What strikes […]

Ultimately, beyond the professional and personal goals that we set for ourselves, what each of us really wants is a beautiful life.  The type of life I am talking about isn’t the lifestyle that we see in commercials.  It isn’t […]