You Can Sit With Us

Have you ever felt that God doesn’t care about you or what happens to you? I think we have all felt that way many times throughout our lives. “Come on God, get on board with my plan.” Or other people may say, “God will work it out.” Here is what I have come to understand through building my relationship with God…

First, there is a season for everything. God is the master and the master knows many things that we do not. Why would we be so arrogant to think that our ways are better than His best? Scriptures says, There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens ( even birth and death).

Second, God wants ALL of us. Since our creator knows us much better than we know ourselves, we cannot deceive him, period. Not good works, not impure motives or gain. He knows our hearts are sick without Him. He wants us to have a heart for Him so we are pliable to change for the better according to His will. I promise you, God promises you if you go after Him with everything you have, then you will be rewarded in ways you cannot even Fathom. Something profound happens when you seek God with your whole heart. Key word being “whole.”

Third, there are things that we are not meant to understand. We have to let go and trust the most trustworthy one. If you can start doing this simple exercise, it will help you. Open your hands and allow God to place and take away what He wants. God’s is pure without sin so He will not hurt you, ever.

God said this to Moses….So, you think I can’t take care of you? You’ll see soon enough whether what I say happens for you or not.” Numbers 11:23

Wow, doesn’t get more powerful than God so if He said it, you can bank on it! God is not a liar. Get that truth into your being that your Father cares for you. God cares about what we care about. He wants to hear from you. Get that junk off of your chest and lay it down. He is not surprised by what is going on in your life.  He is fully familiar with ALL in your life.

The broken heart

The broken marriage

The broken job

The broken home

The broken dreams

The broken body

The broken mind

The broken ways

Let Go!! Go home tonight and get on your knees and talk to your Father. Make it the serious business of your life to get to know your Father. He is faithful

Commit your way to ( depend on)  the Lord; trust ( have confidence) him, and he will take care of you- Psalm 37:5


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