You Can Sit With Us

From a series I am listening to about our soul.

3 John 1

Johns says, Beloved I am praying that your circumstances are well and that you are in good health as it goes well with your soul. Essentially, John is saying I pray above all else that you are healthy on the inside. A healthy soul conquers adversity but what can you do when the spirit is crushed- Proverbs 18:14

Am I healthy on the inside? How do we really know if we are healthy on the inside? Where does our help come from and more importantly who is our helper?

You may have money in the bank, circumstances are good and you are even in good health but if you are deceitful, anxious, lacking in morals then the word of God says you are not healthy on the inside. For the heart is sick without God.

Our society says cash is king but that is not scriptural, that is not what God says ( ever) so let’s get refocused on the word as you may have no money, facing adverse circumstances, in poor health and still be restful on the inside. Who is your source?

Can we live from a quiet soul?

We live in a culture that is loud and obnoxious. We are inundated with information. We see and hear way too much and our spirit becomes crushed as stated in Proverbs. I sometimes want to wear earplugs just to drown out the noise. It creates confusion for me if I am not firmly planted in the word, daily. Not once in awhile or every so often but daily. God himself says it, Come to me all who are burden and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Our society is parched for God; where real living waters flow. How will I know what to do or who I am if I am not seeking the truth?

Our society is rushed. Life is so hurried as we take on more just to keep up. We compare as we rub shoulders with others feeling somehow that we have fallen short. Truth be told and truth only comes from God is that we have this whole “living” thing backwards. Ambition turns into competition and comparison. It can wreck havoc on the inside if you don’t know who you are. People’s perception’s can throw us off.

In Psalms David writes the lyrics ( 131) that are directed by God. A song of ascents by David


My heart is not proud, Lord

my eyes are not haughty;

I do not concern myself with great matters
    or things too wonderful for me.
 But I have calmed and quieted myself,
    I am like a weaned child with its mother;
    like a weaned child I am content.

 Israel, put your hope in the Lord
    both now and forevermore.

See David is a king with all at his fingertips. He has influence, power, wealth, and yes information maybe even more than the known world. However, David has made a clear space for God. David knows he is not God. He says it here in Psalms- my heart is not proud, Lord and my eyes are not haughty. I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful to me. 

David doesn’t need to be in the know about everything. He humbles himself and knows with everything in his being that he is not in control. He is not even in charge, God is! We may not ever be as powerful as David but what we are is proud. We want to be the God of our own lives. You know how it goes, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!” David knows that the disease of other kings is pride. Is pride crushing your spirit?

David says I will not occupy myself with everything that offers itself to me. David is setting boundaries and limits so he stays healthy on the inside. Just because we can know it or possess it doesn’t mean that we should. This is so important…We are not meant to be in the know about everything and everyone. It is not good for our soul! You want a quiet and peaceful soul? Set limits and boundaries with what you let in to your life, AKA your soul. It’s ok if you don’t know all the news and all the details because God does and He will take care of protecting us to the extent that we trust.

The first step to cultivating a quiet soul is to surrender to God. We are not in control, not even close. There also will be a judgement day for all. We will be held accountable of the way we live right now. Fearing the Lord means we have respect for out creator and we actually live that out. We trust God. His grace is enough!

God designed each of us for a purpose, His purpose not our own.  God wired us to be in relationship with Him so we live as good stewards with a quiet soul. Who is your source?

 The word calm in hebrew means to level. David is saying that His levels are out of whack without God. When we go it alone, we live from who we want people to perceive us to be versus who we truly are and what we are truly called to in this life. David made a decision to level his soul and he did this through a relationship and worship. He spoke to God about everything and He genuinely wanted God’s will for his life. Did he stumble? Oh, yes but David knew when his sanity was at risk and turned back towards his source. David loved God with all of his heart. Do you?

I was in a class recently and people kept coming in late as the teacher tried to begin several times. He finally stopped his teaching and said we are going to pray. He began circling the outer part of the room we all were gathered in as he just kept repeating these words…” Thank you, Jesus!” “Thank you, Jesus!”” Thank you, Jesus!” He must have said it at least 50 times but you could feel the atmosphere changing. Souls were being quieted, tears were running down faces, and the Holy Spirit was moving. The hair on my arms was standing and I felt so peaceful. Peace that surpasses understanding.

Everybody has issues, everyone! If someone tells you they don’t, then clearly one of their issue is lying. God came to save and heal broken people living in a broken world. We are not meant to carry this weight. We are meant to trust, to lean, to come closer, to seek, and to rest. He will do everything else.

We did not earn God’s love but we are born again into it. There is no agenda only love. Like a child who wants to be in the arms of their mother.

“I just want to be in your arms, Lord.” “I just want to be with you.”


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