You Can Sit With Us

I undertook great projects. I built houses for myself and planted vineyards. I made gardens and parks. I made reservoirs to water my flourishing trees. I bought male and female slaves. I owned more herds and flocks than anyone in Jerusalem. I amassed silver and gold. I acquired men and women singers and a harem. Oh, the delights of the heart of man. I denied myself nothing. I refused my heart no pleasure but took delight in all I had accomplished. Yet, when I surveyed all of my achievements, everything was meaningless, a mere chasing after the wind. Nothing was gained under the sun. Ecc 2-3

This scripture is so powerful because it let’s us know that what we think we are to accomplish on this earth is of very little in the Lord’s eyes if our hearts are not right. We can gain and gain and all the while we are really losing.

I began thinking about how close we are to Christmas and I have read much on the birth of Jesus. My home is in the heart of my city and I am in the thick of urban living. I have sat outside and watched the hustle and bustle of people trying to get somewhere. I have heard screams in the night from the homeless as I have laid in my bed. I have witness more anger amongst others recently because the fact of the matter is that Christmas is a very difficult time for people in general. It beckons ” I am alone!” ” I am in need!” I am without! I grew up pretty sheltered. I haven’t had much “going without” and I have been blessed to have a family that loves and looks out for me. I would get scared at times when I saw someone different than me or what I really mean is someone in need. Now, here I am living in the heart of need. So, I ask myself, What are you going to do about it?

My relationship with God has been if I am being totally honest, bittersweet at times because He has opened my eyes up to the needs of others. Not all the time because I am still human and still get consumed with my own circumstances but it is much different than it once was. I am growing in Christ and He is showing me… “See, that man over there?” “Go, help him!” I remember one morning my daughter and me were walking down the street to a clothing shop and as we were passing by a laundry mat, this man who was in a wheel chair and very boisterous says to us “Can you buy me something to eat?” I will be honest, I was scared at first but God nudged me and I could not deny his need. I said, Of course I will buy you a hot meal and as I started to walk away to go into a nearby restaurant, I noticed another man sitting inside the laundry mat. He looked so broken and God began to nudge me again. I went inside scared but bent down and asked if I could buy him something to eat. I will never forget how this man looked at me. It was as if I had been seen for the first time. He had the most kind eyes and I could see Jesus in him. I hurried out of the laundry mat as I fought back the tears. As soon as I was outside I could not stop crying. My heart hurt for him and that is when I knew that Jesus was also in me.

See, we all have purpose and spend so much of our time trying to get something for ourselves. A new job, a new home, another vacation, another deal but the reality is that we are here on assignment for our creator. This is our temporary home and God gives us chance after chance to make a difference in the lives of others. We are the hope of the world. When someone is at the end of their rope and their hope is completely lost, maybe someone like you will be the one who meets their need and their hope is again restored.

Jesus did not come to earth to gain popularity or wealth. He came to love and save lives. He came to die so we could live. God will take you out on a limb, he will ring you out, he will strip away if necessary because he wants your heart in alignment with His. He has called you to love and to give and to give some more. Love breaks down barriers that Satan erects. Love is what will make a difference and the time is now!

What are we going to do this Christmas, this new year that displays there is goodness in the world and I am coming to your rescue because Jesus came to mine?




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