You Can Sit With Us

I think there is something to be said about people who understand what it really means to be happy. Happiness is not something you can chase after, it is already there within you, a part of you. Think back to when you were a child or think about children in general…. Most often than not, they radiate happiness. They wake with eyes wide open ready for what the day will bring. They breathe in all the uniqueness of God’s creations whether it be the clouds in the sky, a creature crawling on the ground or the way they feel when in their mother’s arms, safe and sound. Children are acutely aware of all the blessings around them and they want to savor every moment. Life is very much an adventure when they are well cared for…

However, as time goes on and we begin to grow into adults we become more buried and burdened in our lives. We experience deep hurts and struggles. Our happiness slowly starts to fade into the background of our broken lives only to be replaced by bitterness and fear. The walls of our once open mind, heart, and soul are now on lockdown to preserve anymore harm.

Happiness is not at all determined by your genes or circumstances but by your identity. If we are smart we all come to a place in our lives where we begin to question who we are, why we are here, and what we want. In order to continue to grow we have to understand our place, our purpose. Let me ask you this? Have you ever been around someone who exudes happiness? Their circumstances can even seem grim but when you are around them, it is a true pleasure to be in their presence. You walk away and think, I want what she has! Our society spends so much time trying to cover up who we really are with facades- what our world says we should be. It can be such a double edge sword because it is like chasing the wind. Just when you think this one thing will bring you happiness, then it is something else. We tend to mimic what others are doing honestly thinking this is the path to happiness. I just want a husband, I just want a child, I just want my dream job, I just want that new house, I just, I just, I just….The chasing can become an endless pit of despair if we don’t take inventory of what is already inside of us.

Brene Brown says you can either walk inside your story and own it or stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.

Happiness is inside of everyone of us, we just have to decide if we are going to exercise that choice everyday. I don’t know why humans do this but isn’t it true we tend to focus on the negatives in our lives and other’s lives instead of all that we have been blessed with, knowing that there is much more to come.

Food for thought…..

Do you wake up grateful? Being aware of what you are allowing in your mind is critical to your happiness. I have created this habit of immediately thanking God each morning and then jumping out of bed, opening the windows and turning on music. It completely sets the tone of the rest of my day. I really do all I can to avoid wallowing in the messiness of my life because my circumstances no matter what they consist of are temporary. The bible says we are like flowers of the field, here today and gone tomorrow.

Boundaries are absolutely critical for our inner happiness/peace. Women especially have a difficult time establishing and sticking to boundaries. We are natural people pleaser as well as nurtures. This has taken me years to grasp because I did not want others thinking that I was a bitch ( another “society” issue). What I am learning is that as long as I am kind, I can be concise in my wants and needs. I do not need to haggle with others who may not be there quite yet.

Take a good long look in the mirror- What are you putting into the atmosphere? Really? Think closely about the words that are pouring out of your mouth. Think about your facial expressions. Think about your surroundings? Think about your thoughts? I have this quote in my bedroom that says, God, please put your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth.  If we can focus on doing more listening and less talking, we will see the fruits of the seeds we sow.

We all were created for a purpose and I am a firm believer that part of that purpose was to love ourselves and others.  Lets take off the mask… Step back into your real identity which is God’s original design. This life is meant to be an adventure even when your life goes completely off the rails. Know in those moments that something better can be right around the corner. It is true that what we put out there, what we really give is where the treasure lies.

It takes strength and courage to declare, ” I am going to be happy today.” We don’t have to compete, we can inspire. No one knows what tomorrow holds, so why not make today a day that is filled with happiness. Happiness is one of the most beautiful traits, it’s there inside of you, waiting to be unleashed. The choice is yours.




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