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Great church. And it’s fun to say, “Presiding Prelate.”  Try it! James Baldwin, one of my favorite writers – and one of this nation’s best thinkers ever – made a decent living stuffing his books with such pronouncements as: “Love […]

I’ll be honest, I had HIGH expectations for this church. I had my mouth watered for audaciously be-feathered hats, jerry curl, purple pin-striped suits and the kind of fire and brimstone that would make my grandmother weep for my poor, […]

The First Christian Church website features graphics as slick and smooth as the service itself. It’s only my second post on this blog and I’m already starting to sound like Goldilocks. To wit: if the Unitarian Universalist church we went […]

This Sunday’s church was recommended by one of my blog readers in Florida. She wanted to see how her church represented itself on the opposite coast. I immediately said YES! (It’s my policy for a reason!) So we hightailed it […]

Unitarian Universalist Reverend William G. Sinkford, defending the rainbow colors of conservatism. Sometimes devout believers like to mock Unitarian Universalism because it professes an all-encompassing openness to all beliefs. (They’re the people who pray, “To whom it may concern…”) But […]

[Insert EYEROLL here] I’ve already written about my experience at the Unitarian Universalist church, but sadly, it took me a while to muster up the nuts to publish this letter I sent to the Reverend the next day. Here it […]